Ham Radio Update

Baofeng UV-5R Handheld Radio

My new radio

After a certain harrowing experience (which I’ll discuss in a future post), and the urging of some fellow co-workers, I studied and took the amateur radio exam at BYU.

I passed with a 34/35 and got my technician level license. I made my first contact the next day. It’s been three weeks since and I’ve had a blast. I bought a Baofeng UV-5R dual band radio from Amazon and it’s made for a capable first radio.

I’ve been going all over trying to hit repeaters and getting on nets. My goal is to have the capability to communicate with somebody regardless of where I am. The radio lets me do this, even in places where I don’t get cell phone reception.

I’ve also found that its fun to get on and just talk to people from all over. I’ve joined the UARC and have been lurking on the 147.76 repeater out on west mountain.

I’m hoping to test and get my general license next week. Then I can start looking at a good base and talk to people all over the country.

UPDATE: I was granted my General license on 12/13/12. My call sign has stayed the same.  Now I just need an HF radio.

Ham Radio License

I’ve been thinking about getting a HAM radio license for a while now. My last backpacking adventure has really pushed me over edge though on this decision.

If I ever get stuck again on a mountain somewhere, I’d really like to be able to call for help.
If there is ever a disaster, I’d also like to be involved in communicating stuff going on in my area.
Lastly, and more importantly, it sounds like it would be fun to mess with.

I’ve always been interested in radios. One of the best things my parents bought when I was a kid was a pair of walkie talkies. We barely had enough range to talk to each other from opposite ends of the house but we had a good deal of fun with them.

I’ve had a basic understanding of radio, but I’d like to learn more about the physics involved as well as the electrical (read as practical) side of things as well.

So, I looked up what I need to pass the test for a technician license as well as a testing center. The next test is in Salt Lake County this coming Saturday. The next test is in June. 😦

I figure I’ll email the administrator of the test and see if I can get on his list of test takers. I’m going to have to study hard this week if I plan to pass the test. It should be interesting.