You found my page. I imagine you want to know something about me. I’ll do my best.


I’m married to Melena. We met in college while living in the same apartment buildings. We’ve known each other since the summer of 2003 and have been married since December of 2005. She is currently attending grad school at University of Utah.

I have a dog. Ellie is a border collie/brittany spaniel/australian shepherd mix. Ellie has gobs of energy and is very curious. She loves hiking in the mountains and playing fetch.


I enjoy working with technology. I’ve been programming in some crazy language since I was in middle school and have always been fascinated by by computers. I wanted to build robots when I was a kid and have yet to figure that out – but its still super interesting to me. Hopefully this year I can make something happen.

Currently, I’m mostly working with Hadoop and Java. There are some interesting problems to solve there and I’m excited to be in the position I am at Adobe because it puts me in front of a lot of cool problems to solve. I work with some awesome people and have been enabling out data science team to do some interesting analysis.

I originally started out with C/C++ and built very basic games and apps. I later moved on to PHP as work required and spent a long time building apps and sties with it.

Maintaining Sanity

When I’m not programming or working, I enjoy spending time with my various hobbies. I’m very curious and enjoy experiencing new things.

Over the last two years, I’ve really started getting into backpacking. I’ve climbed King’s Peak in Utah a few years ago and have been hiking around the local area. I enjoy being away from everything for a few days and seeing the beauty of nature.

In 2007, one of my friends won some Harley-Davidson motorcycles. He was very kind and gave me one. For free. It changed my life. I currently ride a 2004 Harley Electra Glide (FLHTPI). The farthest I’ve ridden is to Vegas (from Salt Lake). I hope to hit Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, and a few other places when time and money allow. In the meantime, I enjoy riding through the desert here, as well as the local canyons.

Over the last two years, I’ve also been playing indoor soccer. This has been an interesting experience as I’ve never truly invested myself in a competitive sport. Its helped me have a desire to actually be healthy, but has also given me a new way to improve myself.


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