Go ahead, send your message during the movie. I don’t care.

A few months ago, my friends were upset with me because I wouldn’t go see Star Trek Beyond with them. My explanation? I saw the new Star Wars movie on opening night. Middle seats, middle of the theater. Behind me, someone brought their kids who seemed like there were several other things on their list of things to do that day than watch a movie. It ruined the movie for me.

I’m probably not your average movie goer. I take movies more seriously than most people. Movies for me are an escape from reality. When seeing a movie, I want to forget about my job, finances, that weird thing in the garage I’ve been trying to build for three months,  social media… The list goes on.

I’m the guy who closes his eyes and plugs his ears during the trailers so that the movie that I’ve been looking forward to for a year isn’t shown to me in two minutes. I don’t want preconceptions or judgements. I don’t read the reviews. I want my mind to be fresh. Kind of like how the creators of the movie intended.

What pulls me out of that faster than anything? The theater screwing up the ticketing system and selling me and another person the exact same seat for Deadpool. (Worth noting, I’m a software engineer, and if you’re a theater executive, your contractor/employee needs to read a blog post about race conditions). The douche in front of me last week when I saw Jack Reacher that got board and spent part of the movie texting. Or the baby that someone brought to Dr. Strange. No, I don’t have kids. I paid the same amount as you did for your ticket though, hoping to see an incredible movie in peace.

For that reason, I’ve spent a few years building a home theater system where I can control things like people texting during the movie or babies with relative effectiveness. Yes, it was expensive. Lately though, movies have gotten expensive. Popcorn and soda has always been expensive.

Next time you’re at a theater, imagine me watching the same movie three months later, for the first time, while I eat pizza and drink a beer. I’ll be sitting in my lazy-boy recliner.

I’m buying Star Trek Beyond on Blu-Ray and will watch it in my basement. Probably alone. But, I will get to live on the Enterprise for over two hours, which is what I want.


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